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I, by default, am an incredibly opinionated being. I like it that way. I am a born rebel and nonconformist-No I don't think that makes anyone cool! Anyone who thinks anything makes themself 'cool' is a self absorbed echo. One-it's all been done before-you're not setting a trend! Two-if being cool or popular appeals to you (a)you should probably leave my page (b) I'd like to give you the truth which is that conformity is being a sheep and you are a wasted breath-but you're essentially doomed, so there's no point.
I can't help the possibly odd and offbeat way I am-I don't want to either.

Emotional Functioning Doctrine

I am an actor on the East coast. I currently work in theater and desire film in addition. Art, for me, is the most complete and utter way a human can express and absolve themself. Artists of any kind know what they are from conception. Because art demands so much of you that you half to be striving towards it every second of your life-even if you don't know it. Every 'event' or 'moment' is a furtherance and tool to expounding the potential one has for brilliance.

As far as what my interests are...Most of the arts. Acting is # one. Writing a close and passionate second. Photography is a wonderful third, but can neccesitate $$ that could be used towards living expenses-so I keep it a practicing hobby for now.
I love music-anything unique and emotionally elevating. Electronic music(techno, a.k.a trance, house, organic etc.)has been my top interest since I was nine and held small raves with my friends( drug free). They were about a union of minds and common interest-what's more beautiful than that!Drugs are fine if you want to use 'em. I prefer to not alter my state of reality any more than my demented mind is already. I love 'Korn, Dido, Massive Attack, Mozart, Beethoven, Stone Temple Pilots etc. The list goes on as I'm sure your's does too.
As for the rest of my time I just absorb anything I come in contact with-life offers so much to people everyday and most are too stuck jumping off the cliffs with the rest of the lemmings.

From where the journeys have come: Grew up in Iowa in a beautiful 10,000 pop. town called fairfield. Hopped out to North Carolina via 'Mom's new job' and am still scuffing around the sand dunes. If you ever have the slightest inclination to visit the midwest-go to Fairfield IA-it's not some buzzing center of commerce-it's a big beating heart that might clear you head.


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My stand on Issues:
Sexuality(homosexuality,bi,trans,lesbian,drag you name it:)People are just people--so why even have an opinion other than that. Let people be.
Race:Did you think it'd be any different than sexuality?
Religion:Essentially the same-just do it because it's what you believe-not what you've been brought up to believe is real. Which takes me to my next point.
Reality:Question it every chance you get, accept no limitations, even if they are implied as potential.
Popeye: A genious-I'm assuming you know his 'tag line'.