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Classics in every catagory I can think of.
Personal favorites-obscure and renowned.

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Books: I found these books very helpful
in different venues of life. These
are all available through B&

Some of My most watched and cherrished Films: You'll inevitably see a trend if you've viewed many of these.

Uta Hagen: "A Challenge for the Actor" This is a wonderfully helpful book for actors of any experience level-it's clear, insightful, and beautfully written by one of the world's top actors and minds ever.

David Mamet: "True and False-Heresy and common sense for the actor" Written by the award winning creator of scripts, screenplays and stories-This is to the point; no holds barred!
Also by David Mamet: "Glengarry Glen Ross"- "American Buffalo"-"Oleana".

Paul Alexander: "James Dean-Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
This is the first and still favorite book I read about the brilliant flash in history known as "Jimmy". Perfect!!!

David Dalton: "James Dean-The Mutant King"
Yet another great (and different) take on the Legend.

Ronald Martinetti: "The James Dean Story" Wonderful.

John Gilmore: "Live Fast Die Young-Remembering the Short Life of James Dean" Intriguing view from a Very close friend of his.

Antoine de Saint Exupery: "The Little Prince"
Though catagorized as a 'childrens' book-it's anything but. This tale contains lessons that one can and should apply directly to life. Eye opening and Touching!

Rebel Without a Cause--East of Eden--Giant--The Wild One--My Own Private Idaho--U Turn--Return to Paradise--The Mosquito Coast--Dead Poet's Society--Great Expectations--Waking the Dead--Labrynth--The Virgin Suicides--All the Pretty Horses--The Talented Mr. Rippley--A River Runs through It--Fight Club--Seven--Glengarry Glen Ross--The Usual Suspects--Natural Born Killers--Chaplin--The Wonder Boys--Fear--Legend--Taxi Driver--Cape Fear--Six Degrees of Separation--Affliction--The Shining--What's Eating Gilbert Grape--Sling Blade
More to Come...

Sorcerers of their Craft: Actors&Legends

Excluding the first, they appear solely in alphabetical order. This is simply to make it easy for you to find your favorites on this list. A star-*-signifies the elite, after my number one, who appears at the top of the list.

*James Dean*

Jim Carey
Nicholas Cage
Chris Cooper*
Billy Crudup
Matt Damon*
Leonardo DiCaprio
Robert DeNiro*
Robert Downey Jr.*
Kirsten Dunst
Tom Hanks*
Ed Harris
Harrison Ford
Mel Gibson
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Ethan Hawke
Phillip Seymor Hoffman*
Katie Holmes
Anthony Hopkins*
Kate Hudson
Joshua Jackson
Anjelina Jolie
Jude Law
Jack Lemon*
William H. Macy*
Steve Martin
Toby McGuire
Marilyn Monroe
Nick Nolte
Ed Norton
Al Pacino*
Gwyneth Paltro
Joaquin Phoenix*
River Phoenix*
Brad Pitt
Michele Pfeifer
Giovani Ribisi
Kevin Spacey*
Charize Theron
Billy Bob Thorton
Vince Vaugh
Rudolph Valentino*
Gene Wilder
Robin Williams*

and so many more to come....

I welcome suggestions in any catagory-however these are My favorites, so it's at my discretion to post them. However, any people not listed simply may not be My Personal Fav's, or some how slipped my mind-that doesn't mean I don't fully appreciate their contributions.