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Note: This site will be under extreme construction and renovation for the next couple of weeks(beginning Jan 14)
I appologize for any inconveniences that may arise.
The changes are to drastically improve this site with additions being made everyday (sometimes multiple times a day)This is a new site hence it is being perfected.

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I shall attempt to express whatever it is I feel so strongly in life. Expressly for my own sake-but open for anyone of curious nature.

I shall give of myself what I can and choose. I expect nothing, only a similar satisfaction I obtain through the arts.


This site is what I call Fresh. Naturally, being a journal and writing geared site, it is permanently being augmented, usually as often as once a week. The whole site is, in essence one grand journal for me. However, it is compiled works from my daily journal, my more formal books of writing, and scraps of available paper that served as release for urgency.